General conditions

MIBA SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMP/MIBA WINTER BASKETBALL CAMP1. Formation of a contractual relationship Legal relationship and thus the right to charge a cancellation fee between the customer or by the legal representative/parent/ (hereinafter referred to as "parent") or the collective on the one hand and the organizers of camps/camps for children "MIBA SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMP/MIBA WINTER BASKETBALL CAMP" (hereinafter referred to as "CAMP") on the other hand by sending a duly completed application or by accepting it. 2. Obligations and rights of the parent 2.1. The parent is obliged to: hand over or send a duly completed "Application Form" and "Declaration on the child's immunity and health status", comply with the conditions stated in the "Declaration" pay the specified price for CAMP, bring the child on time to the specified place and after returning from the camp personally collect him/her in specified time, in the case of cancellation of their child's participation in the CAMP, pay the specified cancellation fee without delay, the parent is obliged to pay for all material damage caused by their child during the CAMP, the parent does not have the right to enter the accommodation and catering part of the CAMP without a valid health certificate and without the prior consent of the CAMP leader. 2.2 The parent has the right to: demand the provision of the services ordered and paid for in the scope and quality specified for the relevant CAMP, complain about any deficiencies immediately and demand correction or adequate compensation; CAMP only accepts complaints in writing, within 1 month from the end of the camp; after this deadline, complaints or other reservations will not be accepted. To ensure a quick and proper procedure when dealing with complaints about the services provided, the organizer of CAMPS for children proceeds in accordance with the relevant provisions of Act no. 250/2007 Coll. on consumer protection as amended and Act no. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code, as amended, · be informed in a timely manner of possible changes in the scope of services and the price for the child's participation in CAMP. 3. Obligations and rights of the CAMP organizer 3.1. The CAMP organizer is obliged to: provide the parent with all available information about the agreed services, program, place and time at once, binding services are listed "in the price" of the CAMP, during the CAMP to provide the agreed services in a proper and high-quality manner, · in case of objective obstacles/obstacles caused by force majeure, etc./ hindering the organization of the CAMP - this will provide adequate compensation,· resolve complaints within 31 days after the complaint is made. 3.2. The CAMP organizer has the right: 3.2.1. return the Application to the parent if the KEMP/TÁBOR is occupied by the time it is delivered and inform the parent of this fact without delay, 3.2.2. withdraw from the implementation of the CAMP in the following cases: a) due to force majeure / i.e. political events, extreme weather phenomena, quarantine, deterioration of health or hygiene conditions in the facility, failure of the facility's ability to operate, etc./,b) in the event that the parent has not fulfilled the relevant provisions of these "General Conditions". 3.3 The CAMP organizer does not have the right to · cancel the CAMP/CAMP due to low interest or for a small number of participants, while KEMP/TÁBOR requires a minimum number of participants per tour of 12 people (children); in the event that at least 12 children are registered for one of the announced CAMP dates, the organizer undertakes to implement it. 4. ILLNESS OF A CHILD AT THE CAMP4.1. The CAMP does not inform the parents of common illnesses, if the parent expressly wishes to do so, he/she will state this in writing in the binding application form.· An infectious disease confirmed by a doctor in the catchment area entitles the CAMP organizer to immediately terminate such a child's stay while the price paid by the parents for the CAMP is not refunded in such a case, which the parent expressly agrees to by sending the CAMP Application,4.2.  if the parent takes the child from the CAMP for other reasons, he is not entitled to a refund of the fee for unused services. 5. CAMP Price 5.1.  The price for CAMP is declared and shown on advertising leaflets/posters CAMP) and also on the website: - and is unchangeable. 6. Conditions for canceling a child's participation in a CAMP fees6.1. Cancellation must be made in person, always in writing or by e-mail or by registered mail. The date of dispatch is decisive. In the case of illness, hospitalization and a serious family event, cancellation fees are not charged to the organizers due to the stated serious reasons, with the exception of the obligation to pay a *handling fee (EUR 15). In such cases, the CAMP organizer requires the presentation of a valid document from the relevant institution. 6.2. The parent has the right to cancel the child's participation in the CAMP at any time upon payment of the following fees (cancellation fee + *handling fee): CANCELLATION FEES:· 29-14 days before joining the CAMP - 20% of the price · 13-01 day before joining to the CAMP – 50% of the price · the last 23,99 hours before entering the CAMP – 100% of the price6.3. Every parent takes note that when canceling CAMP for any reason, the organizer charges a *handling fee of EUR 15.00. The customer does not pay cancellation fees if he sends a substitute in his place, who concludes the Service Agreement in the same wording as the original customer /parent/, whose child is being replaced in the CAMP. In other words, the customer /parent/ delivers a completed binding Application Form with details of the substitute for the summer children's KEMP/CAMP via the registration form on the website:, 6.4. No fees are charged if the child is registered for another CAMP date. 7. Insurance 7.1. The child at the children's CAMP/CAMP must be insured by the parent in case of an accident organization MI talents, O.Z. nor are its workers organizing the summer CAMP responsible for children's pocket money or personal belongings (mobile phones, etc. devices when they have the phone with them). They are not obliged to deal with their loss or ensure their return. Lost things (if found) organization MI talents, O.Z. does not send, the customer can pick them up by agreement at the headquarters of organization MI talents, O.Z. 8. Final provision8.1. By sending the "Application Form", the parent confirms that he/she has familiarized himself with these general conditions for "MIBA SUMMER BASKETBALL CAMP/MIBA WINTER BASKETBALL CAMP", agrees with them and accepts them without reservation.