MIBA summer camp 2024 in Senica (SLOVAKIA)
15.7.24 -19.7.24


Basketball is a team game. It is a very complex mechanism that still needs to be developed and perfected. Fitness, technique, speed and strategy go hand in hand. Every player should have defensive tactics and offensive skills in his "portfolio" and add to his "arsenal" every day and every training session. Our camps are intended for girls and boys from 8- 18 years.


During our camps, we set the code of modern basketball: "Fast play and quick decisions". Every player, regardless of height, weight or foot size, can play any position on the court. We simulate different match situations and teach them to anticipate.


For summer camps 2024 we have set 3 levels of age groups: Age group: ROOKIES 

Year of birth 2016 - 2013 

Group motto: "Fun and smile are our best teammates on the field"

Age group: ELITE
Year of birth: 2012-2010
Group motto: "Let our passion for basketball lead us to great things".
Age Group: PRO
Year of Birth: 2009 - 2005
Group Motto: "Let's let our game speak for us and let others be amazed by our abilities".


The basis of our basketball philosophy is the Baltic Basketball School, specifically LATVIA. Who still doesn't know or doesn't know this country - the men's national team made it to the WC where they took a fantastic 5th place, and in 3x3 basketball they have a gold medal from the Olympic Games in Tokyo and will organize the next men's EC in the capital - in Riga.

We have the Serbian Basketball School, which is one of the best basketball schools in the world - the head coach of our academy is UROŠ KUTRI, who comes from Serbia. We have the Slovak Basketball School and our Slovak coaches with experience from abroad. The other coaches we are looking for and approaching for our camps have the same "mindset" and the same vision for the development of basketball among children and youth.


At our camps, we have a 3- or 4-phase daily cycle.
-Morning run and stretch - morning run before breakfast. - First training: Individual development of the player. Dribbling, shooting, passing, defense - Second training: Match situations 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3...

We film these trainings for the analysis and monitoring of the players. - Evening program: either analysis of matches or competitions (skills challenge, 3-POINT CONTEST and other activities). During the training process, we also have strength, conditioning and coordination trainings. mental training with a MENTAL COACH is arranged.

Of course, we don't forget about entertainment. We organize the aforementioned SKILLS CHALLENGE, 3 POINT SHOOT OUT, BEACH BASKET. The team competition in BASKETLON will be a novelty. We close the camp with an ALL-STAR match.


SENICA offers one of the best infrastructures for basketball development in Slovakia.

3 gymnasiums, brand new outdoor basketball court with new track. The distance between the objects is less than 500m. The huge advantage of these centers is that 4 training
groups can train at the same time in different places


Accommodation for campers is provided by the school dormitory. A huge advantage of the accommodation facility is an earlier "check-in" on the first day and a later "check-out" on the last day. This friendliness allows us to train 2 extra training sessions.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner - provided by the school dormitory in its canteen. The food is tailor-made. We adapt to everyone, with any intolerance.


The price is €329. Possibility to use a discount voucher worth €30. We offer you the option to split the payment into up to 6 installments - when you register in January. When you register in February, you have the option to split the payment into 5 installments, registration in March - into 4 installments, etc. (in the registration form, you must select the option YES/NO to split the payment)

The price of the camp includes:
-12 training sessions led by licensed coaches from abroad
-Camp apparel
-Accommodation for 5 days (4 nights)
-4 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, second supper)
-Match analysis (video meetings)
-Drinking regimen with nutritional supplements
- Training infrastructure and aids (balls, basketball glasses, massage rollers, ...)
- 4 training centers
- Skills Challenge
- 3 point shooting contest
- Basketball slalom
- 3x3 basketball
- Mental coach
- various rewards during trainings
 After registering via the login form, you will receive a QR code with payment information via our PAYSY information system within 24 hours.

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15.7.24 - 19.7.24